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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kicking up Grass

Extreme!! the loud hum of engines 1/5 scale buggy’s flying

by you. While you try to get that perfect shot, kicking up grass as they go flying

by. And the thought in the back of my head was if one of those things hits

me I'm going to eat dirt.

A little info, these buggy’s weight 20LBs or more going 60mph you

do the Math what happens.

This RC car is 4WD shaft driven like on most all wheel drive trucks.

"Crash an Tumble"

"Kicking up Dirt and Grass"
Kicking up dirt and grass these's RC cars make a lot of noise most of the ones in these
pics don't have mufflers, just think take the muffler off your lawn mower and
thats about how loud these cars are.

"The Race is On"

"Run little guy"
The three trucks in the back are 1/5 scale baja buggy
in the pictures they dont look very big but they are,
there powered by  25cc engines
the will go 60 + MPH.

"Vote on what pictures you like the most when you Comment"

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