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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Toads are sooo cute!

Toads are sooo cute as my sister would say,

But for me to say that well, i don't know about that

anyway i think that toads are one of my favorite Amphibians.


And no you cant get warts from toads I've
been catching them since i was little and i ain't got any yet.
If you happen to catch one, look under his lip
and if its white like the toad below its a boy
but if its kinda yellowish than its a girl.

Now you got admit don't he look cute?

Rate the pictures when you comment
The pictures are numbered

1 comment:

TexasLady said...

Oooohh, he's such a cutie. #4 is my favorite,it has the best veiw of his beautiful eyes, and his mouth is adorable too.#1 is a close 2nd (it's probably the best but I like the eyes:),#2 is 3rd and #3 is last. I just can't say enough,I just love the Pictures. Toads are soooooooooooooo cute!!!
Fun Fact: Did you know the girls talk more? it never fails pick a girl up and she chirps her head off, but the boys are quiet, funny huh.

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