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Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Picture of the Moon at night

A turn of this dail, a push of this button, wait 10sec Click!, Look at camera screen, no nothing,
Try again.  A twist of this dail, a push of that button, wait 10sec Click!, you get the point
I finaley got a picture that there was hope in it coming out, about a hour later, That is..
but ooohhh well its a learning prosess....right!.

Its not very clear but small it looks nice..
Its better than a big bright white light..

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ive got it ! ! ! !


"Clicker" Binny, a female photographer for The Sentinel who usually
teamed up with Lowery on news assignments in The Green Hornet Radio Series...

This is the name of my Sony Alpha 100 Camera.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wilderness Survival Skills

Aaahhh wilderness survival skills, I could talk for hours, about
this subject but this a photo blog, not a readin' blog.
Me and my Sister aka Marci went to a park near our house to day.
And kind of lived off the land for a few hours,
Mar took two of her MREs that she got for Christmas and
I praticed some of the survival skills ive been working on, Like make a fire
right after its rained, so every thing is wet so that make it a
little hard but what ever that the point right......

I got some camo cloth tape
for my cam and I got a new survival book for

Im useing flint and steel to make a fire.
First I put some char cloth down and then I hit the flint on the steel at 45o
angle to produce a spark.

I put the ember into the tinder an blow.

Here you can see the ember getting brighter.

Starting to smoke.

And whaaLaah FIRE.

I put the flaming tinder on the ground.

Then you put some sticks on the fire to make it bigger.

And so on..

And heres mar eating one of the MRE's.

And of course the Kitty cat.

The pictures of me making the fire are taken by my Sister Marci, and
the other pictures are by me.

please rate the pictures..
It always nice to know if anbody likes them.
You know feed back.....

09 Christmas Party

All right guys, here are the pictures I took at the party,

not all the ones I wanted came out good, but all is fair in love and war right Ahem!
ok im tired dont mind me.
Hope yall' in joy the pictures. :)




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