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Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Picture of the Moon at night

A turn of this dail, a push of this button, wait 10sec Click!, Look at camera screen, no nothing,
Try again.  A twist of this dail, a push of that button, wait 10sec Click!, you get the point
I finaley got a picture that there was hope in it coming out, about a hour later, That is..
but ooohhh well its a learning prosess....right!.

Its not very clear but small it looks nice..
Its better than a big bright white light..


Michelle said...

Very cool!!

Godsgalnj said...

This pic is awesome - looks well worth the time it took to take it =)

I just came across both ur blogs through another blog (Katie's @ In The Hands of God) - and really like them! The pictures are amazing on this one and the posts are encouraging on the other one.

God bless you - keep on keepin on...and have a very awesome 2010!

Bethany said...

Cool pictures! You know, I never knew you had a picture blog! Very very cool. I'll be checking in here frequently. :)

poetic_capture said...

Wow, that's awesome! I know how hard it is to get even a decent picture of the I'm really impressed. That's a really great shot!

MoonShaw said...

Well, I like the picture a lot! The moon looks great, you can even see the craters and all!

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